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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Problematic Poem

Slavery. Homelessness. Hunger
Depravity. Brokeness. Yet we slumber.
Teen Suicide. Rampant Genocide.
Cancer. Malaria. AIDS.
Middle of the night raids.
Persecution. Prostitution.
Any solution?
The love of Jesus Christ
Brings peace in strife
Anger and chaos cease
When Heaven’s love is released
Why do we sit, talk about it, throw a little fit,
But nothing is fixed?!
We’d rather talk
Than walk the walk
Self-centered. Me focused.
Wanting others to take notice.
How can His Kingdom come
If we sit at home being bums?
Here’s what matters: Lives are at stake
A Risk. A chance to take.
Get up off the couch. Out of your clique
Show what life’s about. Bring healing to the sick
Puff yourself up
You’ll get the wind knocked out of you
Make yourself less
Humility is what we’re called to
We have the answer
Jesus is it
We must BE the change
Share the hope within

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